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Do you really want to answer like this: “You know, I really don’t know what he’s like or what he’s done- I never thought to ask…” Of course you don’t.What to Watch For: In a sociology class, I once learned why when applying for “good jobs” after the interview phase, employees and colleagues will take the applicant out to dinner.Credit/Debit Card- you never know when a good night will turn great and you’ll need extra dough!

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Don’t make the mistake of being one of the following personality disasters when you’re on your date. His quietness is often mistaken for snobbery or aloofness, and you may never get to know The Mute unless you work hard to bring out his true self. The Self-centered Creep This is the guy who asks you what you want to do on a date – however, you soon find out that he has the whole thing planned already.If only he realized that dating is supposed to be fun. He’s planning a Caribbean get-away with you before the salad is served. Try a charming, smiling, kind, relaxed and fun person. By the time dessert comes around, he’s already moved you into his apartment. Then the first date is the “second interview” my professor spoke of. Perhaps this is not important to you, and you go to a wing place where manners do not matter. Sometimes nerves- on your side or his- can cause excessive talking.

But, if that is of importance to you, watch for clues. (Silence can be good- it means you are comfortable with each other!What cool things have you done in your life that would generate interest in your date? Make the table conversation even, so you both feel like you can go home knowing a lot about the other.